​If you are interested in starting a project using Render, please see the Request a Project page. If you already have started a Render Project and would like to start a new phase you can Request a New Phase. If you are in need of technical help with your project, please visit our Help Center.

Recommended Project Equipment

Tablets, Laptops, or Desktops (with a full Windows operating system)

(Render is designed to be used on any Windows machine. However, we cannot guarantee that all devices will run Render properly.)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows OS, Render functions on Windows 7, 8, and 10. (Please note that Render will not work with Windows 10S, Chrome OS, Android, or iOS because they are not full Windows OS versions.)
  • Touch screens (Render has been optimized for a touch screen interface so that oral users and non tech savvy users do not have to use a mouse in Render.)
  • USB port (not micro USB. While micro USB will work, it will be difficult to charge and use your headset microphone at the same time.)
  • Dedicated charging port
  • 2+ GBs of RAM
  • 32+ GB hard drive (about 20GBs per project with typical scope)

We like:
Windows Surface Pro
Lenovo Yoga
Acer Aspire Switch 11


(For transcription of back translation or notes, if desired by the consultant. Keyboards are not needed for translation devices.)

Ideally would be easily hidden or detached from screen for translators. If USB port is on the keyboard, it is best to make sure that it will still work when the keyboard is hidden. (USB will not work on a detached keyboard).

We like:
Surface Pro keyboard (only for use with Windows Surface Pro)
Logitech 920-003390 wireless keyboard

Headset Microphones

A good quality Headset Microphone is the most important piece of equipment you will purchase for you project. The microphone will determine the quality of your final product.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows (7 or later)
  • USB 2.0/3.0 connection interface
  • Noise canceling microphone

We like:
Logitech H390 headset - View On Google Shopping
Logitech H370 headset - View On Lazada.sg
Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 - View On Google Shopping

External Speaker

Minimum Requirements:

  • AUX port and cord. We have found that using an AUX cord, even with a Bluetooth speaker, is best as it works more reliably. Using Bluetooth also drains a computer’s battery more quickly.

We like:
Jabra Speak 410
EC Technologies Bluetooth speaker (comes with AUX cable)
Sharkk Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (comes with AUX cable)

Omni-Directional Condenser USB Microphone

(For community checking)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Omni-Directional Recording
  • USB 2.0/3.0 connection interface

We like:
Jabra Speak 410
Samson UB1 USB Boundary Microphone (Omni-Directional)
Blue Microphones Yeti Microphone


(For synchronizing project files)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • USB storage sharing capability with a minimum of one USB 2.0 or 3.0 port

We like:
TP Link AC-1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (Archer C9) - View On Google Shopping
TP Link AC-1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Gigabit Router (Archer C5)
TP Link TL-WDR3500 Wireless N600 Dual Band Router

You must have some form of internal or external storage on your router for synchronizing project files.

Flash Memory (External Hard Drives and Flash Drives)

(For synchronizing and storing project files and transferring project ID)

Depending on the scope of your project and future projects, the necessary size of your external hard drive can vary greatly.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 20GBs per project with typical scope (The total drive size must be less than 2TBs.)
  • USB 2.0/3.0 connection interface

We have found the following items to be helpful but they are not necessary for every project.

Surge Protectors

Depending on the purchased equipment, the number of outlets you will need can vary.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1 outlet per device requiring power from an outlet

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

(For areas with intermittent power.)

Laptop Bag

(For easy protection, storage, and portability.)


If more USB ports are needed to accommodate attached devices. You will need at least one for the headset microphone. Other needs may include mouse, keyboard, flash memory, and Ethernet cable adapter.

Outlet / Current Converter

If the region in which your devices will be used has different outlets or if the region uses a different current for power these may be necessary. Check your equipment specifications and the region’s plug and socket type here to determine if these are necessary.

USB to Micro USB adapter

Depending on the computer you choose, you may need an adapter for your USB devices. If your computer uses a Micro USB port instead of a USB port, you will need an adapter for your USB headset and possibly other devices.

We recommend not using:

Dell Venue Tablets

Technical Problems with Render
Micro USB port used for charging (cannot charge and use headset simultaneously)
Charging port can break inputs of other devices.

Sennheiser SC60 Control

Low recording volume (even after adjusting settings)
Sound quality isn’t good enough for high quality recordings

Logitech H540

Low recording volume (even after adjusting settings)
Sound quality isn’t good enough for high quality recordings

Sennheiser PC8 USB

High noise floor (records too much white noise)
Sound quality isn’t good enough for high quality recordings