How does Render work?

Render is a software that supports the loading of one or more audio recordings that act as references for translation. Users listen to the references and translate orally into their own language, recording their translation in Render. The software acts as an audio workflow management system, providing the user with a seamless and easy-to-use interface.

Is Render the right tool for my project?

Here are a few points to keep in mind when deciding if Render would be a good tool to use for your translation project. To see all of the steps that it takes to start a Render project, download the Project Preparation Checklist here.

  • Render works with translation organizations who provide translation personnel and expertise. Render will provide the software as well as audio expertise. If you are not a part of a translation organization, consider connecting with local in-country translation groups.
  • The Render process necessitates a qualified consultant who will check the translation. Explore different connections with local translation partners who may be able to put you in contact with a consultant.
  • In order to use Render, you need a number of different people with various skill sets. A Render project will, at the very least, have:
  • Someone to coordinate the project in country
  • A qualified translation advisor
  • A translation consultant
  • Two translation teams (ideally consisting of two to three mother-tongue speakers each)
  • A back translator
  • A community check facilitator
  • Render runs on Windows devices—desktops, laptops and tablets. It is optimized for touchscreens, but can also be used with a mouse. Depending on the project, you will need three to seven Windows devices and headset mics. This number includes separate devices for the advisor and consultant. Download a full Project Equipment and Recommendations list here.
  • Render acts as a file management system, sending and receiving files between users. This allows for a seamless workflow for your translation team. Syncing is required when using Render. Internet is not a necessity, although at least occasional connecting is recommended. In the absence of internet you will need a router and external hard drive for syncing. As a third alternative, thumb drives can also be used to sync projects manually.

If you are interested in doing a translation project with a minority language group using Render, we would love to chat with you more. Before taking any further steps, please contact us.

If your project has been approved by your translation organization, please fill out this form to request to use Render for your project.